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Humanoid Project (Collaboration with UTM)

1st Malaysia made Humanoid – Result of Collaboration between UTM and Cytron Technologies

Want to see Malaysia 1st Humanoid Robot? Here you are! Fully built in Malaysia by Malaysian!

This photo shows two Humanoid robots on table at Cytron RnD Center. Both are yet fully constructed. If you notice the wiring, those are servo motor wires. The controller, sensor and software are still under development stage. Anyway, this is the early stage of Humanoid.

With the mission to create 1st Malaysia made humanoid robot, Cytron Technologies has team up with Prof. Dr. Shamsudin Hj. Mohd Amin (FKE, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia) for collaboration work under MOSTI grand. We have formed a UTM Humanoid Research Group. The objective is to build humanoid robot that have stability and balancing capability, vision, even a Humanoid research platform. This robot should have the outlook of human and able to perform action human alike movements. These include walking, turning, dancing, push up, standing up and more. Cytron Technologies has played our roll in:
a. Sourcing suitable sensor and digital servo motor which is powerful enough to support dynamic movement and weight of humanoid robot.
b. Technical Consultation of controller development which integrate sensor, wireless communication and microcontroller
c. Fabrication of humanoid robot body which has been designed by one of the final year student
d. Offer the facilities and equipment needed during the construction of humanoid robot
e. Discussion and ideas exchanging on mechanical design, controller design and software development.


It can also perform dancing! “Kung-Fu Fighting”

Now, Malaysia have Humanoid robot built by Malaysian. Not one, but several set with different capabilities. Besides being on stage during ASIMO visit to UTM, two humanoid robot has also being invited to be on-air at Bernama studio for Hello Malaysia program. We will continue the close collaboration to ensure more enhancements to be carried out on this project. We are also looking forward for more collaboration project between university and industry to produce Malaysia Boleh Technology!

Here, we included the video taken during Bernama program, Hallo Malaysia with the title “Malaysia Boleh – Humanoid”. Hope you enjoy it.

Of course, there are still plenty of improvement and enhancement needed before it can go to public, we will work hard for that! Do not worry! Malaysia Boleh!

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Is this being made by Malaysia?? Very Impresive!

How about the balancing?? What sensor being used? Accelerometer? Gyro?

i want that robot!:)

Hi, interesting… good job cytron!

One of them only can move in static motions while the other one is equipped with IMU (Inertia Measurement Unit) to implement the self-balancing ability. At current stage, they are not the complete humanoids as compare to others available in the market.

Hopefully one day we can have our own made in M’sia humanoids. Anyway, the 1st M’sian’s Humanoid is not necessary to be the one you see here. It can be a humanoid created by any other Institutes in M’sia =)

hi,i want give some opinion if utm make a collarboration with proton to make a better motor i think its can develop much better and faster because proton can concentrated to produce a great electric motor while the utm student can used the motor and develop high technology robots.

salam.. hai, just wanna ask, how about the working principle of Artificaial Intelligence on this robot?? is there any fuzzy logic used??

Hi nashriq. Unfortunately these robots don’t apply any A.I. principle. Actually the project has been suspended. So there’s no further development or achievement since 2008.

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