Is XBee ZigBee?

Yesterday, I got an email from our facebook admin, saying a lot of fans wanted to know about XBee. OK, I will have to work in that case 🙁 So is XBee ZigBee? Yes and no. Many confused about XBee and Zigbee, even myself sometime ago. Not to worry, everyone learn from mistake 🙂 Read more to find it out.

New Starter Kit?

Does the photo look familiar? Like SK40C? No, this is not SK40C, it is new Starter Kit for dsPIC30F. dsPIC30F is 16-bit wide CPU microcontroller from Microchip. We named this new Starter Kit as SKds40A. It is now in 1st

New Training Kit Coming!

Yup, last year we launched TB40A, which aim for our PIC Microcontroller Hands-on Workshop. This year we improve the training kit, it becomes PTK40A, PIC Training Kit 40-pin. Features: On board USB PIC ICSP Programmer 40-pin ZIF (Zero Insert Force)