Wohoo! Stock Clearance :)

Our sales department decided to open a new category under product tree, the Stock Clearance. Many product has been discounted upto 50%, or even more! Some of the attractive items are: SK18A, original price RM35.00, now at RM15.00 only Didn't

You need Arduino?

Many has requested us to distribute Arduino, and we did it! Now you can get the main board from here, the category in Cytron site is under Arduino Categories. Arduino started from Italy, fully open source (hardware and software) and

Product Update (Jun10)

It seems that we seldom update our product, is never too late to start.  We have received some of customer feedback saying that Lipo battery is easily spoilt and start to "grow fat" after some usage. Actually we are using

New DC Brushless Motor Driver

Cytron Technologies has just launched the new driver for DC Brushless Motor, the BLD04A Description: BLD04A is designed to drive the Linix 10W and 30W brushless dc (BLDC) motor. It offers several enhancements over the original Linix BLDC motor driver