Ultrasonic Ranging Module, SN-HC-SR04

Recently Cytron is carrying another new ultrasonic sensor in stock which is called HC-SR04. Like others ultrasonic sensor, HC-SR04 uses sonar to determine distance to an object like bats or dolphins do. This sensor require an digital output (Trig) and input (Echo) pin to use it. We will show you the performance of this sensor by using Arduino. In order to make it easier, the HC-SR04 library in Arduino is also provided!

SK28A – RGB LED Mood Lamp

This project uses SK28A to show the RGB LED. The RGB LED is a special type of LED which can emit three coloured lights, which are the Red, Green and Blue, hence the RGB acronym. When one of these colours mixed together it will give you another new colour. By using the microcontroller’s PWM channels to drive the LED, you can control the intensity of each colour which can give you many shades of different colours.