Joystick Controlled Flexibot by Using SKXBee

This project main purpose is used a joystick to control the direction moving of Three Transwheel Flexibot with wireless communicate method. In this project, we have used SK40C (40 pins PIC Starter Kit), PIC16F877A, 2×16 LCD, small Joystick, two SKXBEE Pro, Flexibot (Cytron DIY project PR19), breadboard, 12V LIPO battery or 12VDc adapter and some wires.

The joystick can control 4 moving direction which is forward, backward, right and left. However, if pressing the joystick center button, the Flexibot will rotating with clockwise direction. 2×16 LCD is used for display the joystick direction and the ADC value (0000-1023) of joystick board.  

For example, when the joystick to forward direction, the Flexibot transwhee will moving to front after SKXBee Pro 2 receive data from SKXBee Pro 1. The Flexibot LCD also will display the message as figure below:

Demo Video:


  1. XBee with Microcontroller Sample


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  1. from your coding given. the zigbee initialize only in remote control? my question is we need to initialize the xbee only in one radio? our both?

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